PET label remover

Plastic bottle label remover is a kind of industrial recycling equipment to remove PVC labels from plastic bottles. It separates sticker residue from plastic bottles without scratching the bottles. It removes the label paper while retaining the integrity of the PET bottle, making it the ideal recycling machine for plastic bottles. Shuliy PET bottle label removing machine can achieve a label removal rate of up to 98% or more.

Functions of Plastic bottle label remover

The role of label removing machines is very important. It automatically and efficiently removes label papers from plastic bottles, thus improving the overall efficiency of the plastic bottle recycling line. It also reduces the reliance on manual labor. This automated process is especially important in large-scale PET bottle recycling.

Raw material for PET label remover machine

PET bottle label removing machine is designed as a solution for PET bottles such as beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, plastic jugs, and so on. But it can also handle plastic bottles made of other materials, such as milk bottles made of HDPE, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, plastic cans, and so on.

PET Label Remover Machine Working Principle

The PET plastic bottle material will be conveyed to the inlet of the label remover, and there is a section of spiral pushing at the front of the body of the label remover to push the bottle to the section of the label remover. After the spindle rotation of the dynamic knife and the cylinder wall of the fixed fixed knife spiral friction, so that the label paper falls off. The outlet has a centrifugal cyclone design separation chamber to separate the peeled label from the PET bottle.

The label paper is blown out from the top label outlet and the PET bottle is pushed out from the other side by the rotating spiral of the spindle. Plastic bottles that have been stripped of their label paper can go into a plastic bottle crusher to be crushed into small pieces.

The spacing between the spindle alloy blades and the inner wall blades can also be flexibly adjusted according to the different sizes of bottles. It is reasonable to avoid the scratch of the blade on the bottle body so that the output of the manufacturer’s bottle flakes is of better quality and sells at a higher price.

PET label remover machine

Features of Plastic bottle label remover

  • The design of plastic bottle label remover ensures the fine removal of PVC labels without causing any damage to the PET bottles.
  • Label removal rate up to 98%
  • The PET label remover machine is manufactured using durable materials to ensure a long service life and stable performance.
  • The plastic bottle label remover is equipped with an intuitive control panel that makes operation simple and reduces the need for training.

Why do I need a plastic bottle label remover?

PVC labels and PET bottle materials need to be handled separately in the recycling process, due to the fact that their chemical properties and melting points are too different to be recycled at the same time.

The existence of the plastic bottle label remover is to solve this problem, it can efficiently strip the PVC label paper from the PET bottle, ensuring that the two materials can be correctly handled in the subsequent recycling process. PET bottle label removing machines enable Plastic bottles to be recycled with higher purity and quality, while also reducing the dependence on manual labor and improving recycling efficiency. Therefore, the label removing machine has irreplaceable importance in the plastic bottle recycling line.

plastic bottle label remover

FAQ about PET label remover machine

Q: What types of plastic bottles is the plastic bottle label remover suitable for? A: The plastic bottle label remover is suitable for various types of plastic bottles, including PET bottles, PE bottles, PP bottles, HDPE bottles, and other common types of plastic bottles. It can efficiently remove PVC labels from these bottles.

Q: Does the PET bottle label removing machine require special skills for maintenance?
A: No special skills are required. We provide detailed user and maintenance manuals, and the operation process is relatively simple. Regular cleaning and maintenance are key to ensuring the machine operates smoothly.

PET label remover machine
Different models of plastic bottle label remover

Q: Is the PET label remover machine equipped with safety protection devices?
A: Yes, the plastic bottle label remover is equipped with multiple safety protection devices, including an emergency stop button and overload protection, to ensure timely shutdown in case of emergencies and to safeguard the safety of operators.

Q: How does the plastic bottle label remover work in coordination with the subsequent plastic bottle crusher?
A: The role of the plastic bottle label remover is to remove PVC labels from plastic bottles, allowing the bottles to remain intact. Subsequently, the labeled plastic bottles are fed into the plastic bottle crusher for further processing, facilitating reuse or recycling.

Video of plastic bottle label remover