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The large plastic shredder is an important piece of equipment in plastic recycling. However abnormal noise may be a sign that the plastic waste crushing machine is working abnormally. So do you know what the reason for the abnormal sound produced by the plastic waste crushing machine? Just keep reading.

Damage to large plastic shredder parts

One of the common causes of abnormal noise is the wear and tear of key components inside the plastic lumps shredder machine. For example, blades, bearings, etc. will wear out under high-frequency operation, which in turn generates noise.

Regularly inspect and maintain critical components to ensure they are in good condition. Once wear or damage is detected, replace or repair the appropriate parts promptly.

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Incorrect installation

If the large plastic shredder is not properly secured or calibrated during installation, the components may move erratically to cause noise.

Review the instructions carefully and re-install and recalibrate. Ensure that the position and angle of the crusher components are in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.

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large plastic shredder

Lack of lubrication

Insufficient lubrication of bearings, gears, and other parts can lead to increased friction, resulting in noise. At the same time, if there are foreign objects or impurities in the plastic waste crushing machine, it will also produce abnormal noise.

Regularly check the lubrication system to ensure adequate lubrication of each large plastic shredder part. In addition, the materials need to be screened before putting them in to avoid debris entering the plastic lumps shredder machine.

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