plastic scrap granulator

When it comes to die heads for pelletizing extruders, we can categorize them into three common types: electrically geared die heads, hydraulic die heads, and screenless slag discharge die heads. Today, we will introduce these three types of die heads for granules making machines.

Electric gear die head

The electric gear die head is driven by an electric motor and realizes the extrusion and pelletizing process of plastics through gear transmission. This kind of die head is suitable for some relatively small output waste plastic recycling pelletizing machine work. It has the advantages of low cost and simple operation.

granulator die head
electric gear die head
pvc pelletizing machine
pelletizing extruder with electric gear die head

Hydraulic die head

Hydraulic die heads use a hydraulic system as a power source. Elements such as pistons or screws are driven by high-pressure fluids to extrude plastic. This type of pelletizing extruder die head is usually used to handle plastic materials with high viscosity and high temperature. It has strong adaptability and is suitable for high-output granules making machines.

 pelletizing extruder
Hydraulic die head

Automatic slag filter

The meshless discharge die head is a specially designed die head for pelletizing extruders. The risk of clogging is reduced by the special design of the screenless slag discharge die head. This die head is suitable for processing raw materials containing a large number of impurities. At the same time, the netless slag discharge die head does not require frequent cleaning. This improves the production efficiency of the waste plastic recycling pelletizing machine.

automatic slag filter
Automatic slag filter
granules making machine with automatic slag filter