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There is no middleman mini plastic granulator, so the price will not be very high. However, the way of granulation and the process of granulation are different, and the price of the small pelletizer machine is also different. Some small pelletizer machines may be available for a few thousand dollars, and some may finish up tens of thousands.

Mini plastic granulator process

The price of a small pelletizer machine is closely related to the granulation process. The plastic granules making machine granulation process needs to consider more than just particle shape and output. Some key process parameters are also involved. Such as particle temperature and residual humidity, handling of sticky materials, extrusion speed, etc.

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Small pelletizer machine configuration

The manufacturing materials and quality of the plastic granules making machine have a great impact on the price. The use of high-strength materials, as well as the superb degree of manufacturing process, will increase the manufacturing cost, thus affecting the price of mini plastic granulators.

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Shuliy mini plastic granulator for sale

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