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Many customers who purchase plastic granule machines will ask us this question: my raw materials are not the same material that can be granulated with a small plastic granulator? The answer is that they can not be granulated together. Today we will analyze the reason for you.

Working principle of plastic granule machine

First, let’s understand the working principle of a PVC granules making machine. Before starting the plastic granulator, it needs to be preheated. After the preheating is completed, the crushed plastic can be added. The plastic is heated and melted in the plastic granulator and then extruded by the spiral into uniform plastic strips. This is the main function of the PVC granules making machine.

plastic granule machine

Problems with the melting point of plastic

An important step in plastic pelletizing is heating and melting. However, different plastics have different melting points. Therefore, the parameters of the plastic granule machine need to be adjusted accordingly when processing different materials. This means that the same plastic granule machine may not be able to process all materials at the same time.

Plastic granulator manufacturer’s advice

Although there is no way to pelletize plastics of different materials with the same small plastic granulator. But most plastics can share a crusher machine. Such as plastic film, woven bags, raffia bags, greenhouse film, and other PP PE LDPE material waste plastic. Machines such as rinsing tanks and dryers can also be shared. If you have various kinds of raw materials and don’t know how to choose, welcome to leave a message on the website. We will recommend you the most suitable and money-saving machines to match.