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Hard plastic shredder bearing overheating is a common but headache problem. It may affect the normal operation of the equipment and shorten the bearing life. Then do you know why PVC pipe crusher machine bearings get hot? Let’s analyze it for you today.

hard plastic shredder bearing base not flat

Uneven height of the 2 bearing seats or the motor rotor is not centered with the hard plastic shredder rotor, which will make the bearings subject to the impact of extra load. This will cause the plastic grinder for recycling bearings to overheat. When this happens, stop using the PVC pipe crusher machine immediately. We have to carry out troubleshooting to avoid bearing damage.

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Plastic crusher bearing lubrication problems

PVC pipe crusher machine bearing too much lubricant, too little, or aging is also the main cause of bearing damage caused by overheating. Therefore, according to the instruction manual requirements on time and quantitative filling lubricant. General lubrication accounted for 70-80% of the bearing space, too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer.

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Too tight between bearing and shaft

A tight or loose fit between the bearing and the shaft can cause the bearing to overheat. Once this problem occurs, in the operation of the hard plastic shredder, it will make a grinding sound and obvious swing. At this time, you should stop using the plastic grinder for recycling, and remove the bearings. After repairing the friction parts, and then reassemble them according to the requirements.

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