PET crushing machine

PET crushing machine is a kind of high-speed extrusion and cutting type crushing equipment. The plastic is crushed and cut by the mutual shearing force between the movable knife and the fixed knife in the crushing chamber. So what should be paid attention to when adding material to the plastic waste shredder machine?

Note the sound of PET crushing machine

The production capacity of different models of plastic recycling shredder machines is also very different. For those who do not know how much plastic should be put, you can test the crushing capacity of the plastic waste shredder machine from less to more. Another way is to recognize the sound. If the sound of crushing in the PET crushing machine is louder, it means that there are more materials inside. At this point, if you continue to add material is not allowed. We should wait until the sound is smaller and then add material.

PET crushing machine

Consider power of plastic waste shredder machine

Some manufacturers do not buy high-power PET crushing machines to save costs. Conventional models of plastic waste shredder machines can meet most of the crushing needs. If you want to use a small power PET crushing machine to crush large pieces of plastic, you need to reduce the volume of plastic first. This can prevent the plastic recycling shredder machine from jamming due to insufficient power.