plastic granulation equipment

Recently, a set of plastic granulation equipment was successfully sent to Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan customer ordered this PE granulator machine for processing plastic bags. We hope that the high-quality plastic pellets produced by this plastic granulation equipment can meet the needs of this Sri Lankan customer. If you are interested in plastic pelletizing, please read on.

Why do customers choose Shuliy plastic granulation equipment?

After the completion of the project, Shuliy Group also kept in touch with the Sri Lankan client. This Sri Lankan client has given us a very high rating. Below are some of the excellent services that Shuliy was able to provide to this Sri Lankan client.

  • Timely communication: Shuliy always kept in mind the deadlines for communication with this Sri Lankan client. In case of any adjustments, this Sri Lankan client was informed as soon as possible.
  • Strong technical capability: When the Sri Lankan customer had a technical problem, Shuliy Group utilized its expertise to provide more technical details to this customer.
plastic granules manufacturing machines
PE granulator machine die head

Start your plastic pelletizing business

Plastic granulation equipment currently has a good market. Many investors have gained considerable income through this plastic granules manufacturing machine. If you also want to start a plastic recycling project, please contact us for solutions.