granules machine

When the granules machine does not discharge material, it may affect the normal operation of the whole production process. Therefore, it is crucial to solve this problem in time. The following will discuss some common reasons that may lead to PE PP plastic pelletizing machines not discharging material and the corresponding solution.

Granules machine discharge port clogging

A clogged discharge opening is one of the common reasons for a PE PP plastic pelletizing machine not discharging material. When plastic or foreign matter accumulates near the discharge opening, it will prevent normal material discharge. To solve this problem, you can carefully check whether there is any blockage near the discharge opening after stopping the machine. If there is, clean it in time and keep the discharge opening free.

granules machine

Plastic recycling pellet machine speed too low

If the running speed of the granules machine is set too low, it may cause the plastic not to be crushed and granulated smoothly. Thus affecting the normal discharge. In order to solve this problem, the operating speed of the PE PP plastic pelletizing machine needs to be adjusted at the right time. This will ensure that it meets the actual production needs.

plastic recycling granulating line

Granules machine temperature is not appropriate

Reasonable temperature control is also crucial when operating the pelletizer. If the temperature is not set properly or is too low, it may affect the discharging effect. To solve this problem, we need to set the temperature of the granulator reasonably.