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The PET crusher blade as its core component, is directly related to the crushing efficiency and service life. Therefore, it is crucial to determine whether the blades need to be replaced in time. The following is a reference for plastic bottle crusher machine blades that need to be replaced. Take a look together.

Observe the surface of blade

Looking at the surface of the blade allows you to visually assess the degree of wear. If the edges of the bottle shredder machine blades have become dull, chipped, deformed, or have obvious signs of wear, it is likely that they need to be replaced with new blades. In addition, pay special attention to the sharpness of the blade, once the PET crusher blade becomes dull, it will directly affect the crushing efficiency.

PET crusher
plastic bottle crusher machine

Pay attention to the crushing speed

As the blades wear down, the efficiency of the PET crusher will gradually decrease. If you notice a significant slowdown in crushing speed or begin to experience uneven processing of material, it may be that the blades already need to be replaced. Also, watch to see if the particles being processed are the expected size. Uneven particles may be an indication of plastic bottle crusher machine blade wear.

Watch out for PET crusher sounds

Changes in operating sound are one of the most important indicators of bottle shredder machine blade wear. When the blades are badly worn, the PET crusher may produce an unusual noise. This may be due to increased friction between the blades and the material being processed blade wear, etc. Therefore, paying attention to the change in the working sound of the plastic bottle crusher machine is also an important reference basis for judging whether the bottle shredder machine blades need to be replaced.