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Shuliy is a company that specializes in manufacturing plastic pelletizers and various plastic recycling machines. We are known in the industry for our high-quality and reliable plastic pelletizing recycling machines. To ensure that our recycling machines meet the highest standards, we rigorously inspect each and every plastic pelletizer before it leaves our factory.

Inspection of circuit system

The circuit system is one of the keys to the normal operation of the plastic pelletizer. Before leaving the factory, the circuit system of the polystyrene granulator machine needs to be comprehensively inspected to ensure that the cables are well connected and to avoid problems such as short circuits and poor contact. Through this step, it can ensure that the circuit system of the plastic pelletizing recycling machine works properly, laying the foundation for the subsequent test run.

plastic granulator machine
plastic pelletizer

Hopper and screw operation inspection

Hopper and screw are the core components of the polystyrene granulator machine, and their operation status directly affects the whole production process. Before leaving the factory, the hopper must be carefully inspected to ensure that there is no foreign matter or impurity inside, so as to avoid clogging or abrasion of the screw. At the same time, the rotation of the V-belt should ensure smooth operation without blockage or abnormal noise. This series of inspections ensures the stable working of the hopper and screw in production and lays a solid foundation for the normal operation of the plastic pelletizer.

PE granulating machine

Safety devices for plastic pelletizer

The safety device is an important guarantee for the operation safety of the plastic pelletizing recycling machine. Before leaving the factory, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive audit of each safety device to ensure that it is normal and reliable. In particular, the emergency stop button must be able to cut off the power supply in time in case of an emergency to guarantee the safety of the operator. The verification of the safety devices can maximize the protection of the safety of the operators of the plastic pelletizer in the trial operation stage.