HDPE plastic shredder machine

Plastic crusher machines can crush plastic bottles, plastic film, plastic buckets, and other plastic materials, it is an important equipment in plastic recycling. So how to extend the service life of a plastic can crusher? Just keep reading.

Blade Material

crusher blade

The blade of the plastic crusher machine is the core of its work, and the correct choice of the right blade material can effectively extend the service life of the waste plastic crushing machine. Generally speaking, alloy steel with high hardness and wear resistance is the ideal choice, which can keep sharp under long-time high-frequency use. In addition, when selecting the blade, it is also necessary to make a reasonable match according to the hardness and characteristics of the material to be processed. This can ensure the crushing effect while maximizing the protection of the blade.

Regular maintenance of plastic crusher machine

Regular maintenance is an important means to keep the plastic crusher machine running stably. First of all, to ensure the cleanliness of the plastic can crusher, timely clean up the foreign matter accumulated in the interior. Secondly, check the lubrication situation to ensure that all parts of the lubricant are sufficient to reduce friction when the plastic crusher machine is running.

plastic shredder for recycling

Attention to operating techniques

plastic crusher machine

Correct operation technique is the foundation to ensure the normal operation of the plastic can crusher. Firstly, according to the specifications and performance of the plastic crusher machine, the type and quantity of materials to be processed should be reasonably selected. In addition, the operator should be professionally trained and familiar with the various functions of the waste plastic crushing machine and the safety operation regulations.