EPS hot melting recycling machine

Styrofoam melter is a favorable tool for recycling foam. Its appearance has driven the development of the foam recycling industry. With the continuous application of new technology, the production efficiency of EPS foam melting machines has been rapidly improved.

How does a styrofoam melter work?

The styrofoam melter is equipped with blades, which can effectively crush the foamed polystyrene materials into smaller pieces and enter the screen. Those that can not enter the screen will be further crushed and then enter the main machine. The screw rotates at high speed, conveying the crushed material to the conical cylinder and round cylinder, which will be heated and melted by the heater. Then the molten material will continue to be conveyed to the molding square orifice, the material will start to cool down, and the square recycling object will be extruded from the orifice.

styrofoam melter
styrofoam melter

Features of EPS hot melting machine

  • The EPS foam melting machine main and auxiliary screw barrel are made of high-strength carbon structural steel.
  • Styrofoam melter adopts a conical screw barrel, fast feeding speed, and high output.
  • EPS hot melting machine adopts a main and vice machine supporting production, and stable heating temperature.
styrofoam melter
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