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The power consumption of plastic granules making machines is a concern for many manufacturers. Today, waste plastic granulator manufacturers share with you some information about the power consumption of plastic granules making machines.

Plastic granules making machine power consumption

The power consumption of extrusion pelletizing machines is related to the total installed capacity, power consumption coefficient, raw materials, machinery design, operation, and other factors. The total installed capacity is usually derived by adding all the motor power and heating power of the waste plastic granulator. The hourly power consumption of the extrusion pelletizing machine can be estimated according to the power consumption coefficient of 0.3~0.55. For example, if the total installed capacity is 120kw, the hourly power consumption can be between 120kw*0.3 and 120kw*0.55. That is 36 degrees to 66 degrees.

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Another expression for power consumption

Another way to express the electricity consumption of a plastic granules making machine is in terms of tons of electricity consumed. The ton of electricity consumption for different plastics generally ranges from 280 kWh to 600 kWh. And the ton of electricity consumption of most extrusion pelletizing machines is about 300 degrees.

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How to save electricity in waste plastic granulators?

The actual power consumption of plastic granules making machines is greatly affected by the water content and impurity content of raw materials. Good mechanical design, high-precision processing and assembly, application of frequency converter, and reasonable use of heater elements can reduce power consumption. All-weather non-stop production, skilled workers, and reasonable temperature control settings are also effective means to reduce power consumption.

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Shuliy plastic granules making machine actively explores the development of a power-saving extrusion pelletizing machine through its technical advantages. Compared with the counterparts with the same specification extrusion pelletizing machine, the ton of electricity consumption can be saved about 20%.