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Waste plastic shredders generally work in harsh environments and long working hours. In use, there are often emergencies. In the encounter of plastic shredder machines industrial suddenly stop when we must not blindly repair. So what should we do? Continue reading.

Cutting off the power

If the waste plastic shredder stops suddenly when it is working, it must cut off the power supply first. This can avoid other accidents in the process of inspection.

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Checking the discharge port

Check whether the discharge port of the plastic scrap crushing machine is clogged with materials. Operators must strictly follow the instruction manual to use the plastic shredder machine industrial. Do not just rush to the waste plastic shredder to feed the material. If once the material blockage occurs, we should stop the machine in time to remove the blockage, to ensure that the discharge is smooth.

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Waste plastic shredder daily inspection

Check the parts of the waste plastic shredder frequently. When the plastic scrap crushing machine is working normally, the machine parts should be checked frequently. Such as the tightness of the triangle belt, the wear and tear of the bearing and its heat, the wear and tear of the cutter, whether the line is aging, broken, and other problems.