PE plastic pellets machine

PE plastic pellets machine is an important recycling equipment for making plastic pellets. Understanding the operation process of plastic dana making machine automatic is essential for production efficiency and product quality.

Preparation work before using PE plastic pellets machine

Before the biodegradable plastic granules making machine is started, we need to carry out some necessary preparations. This is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment:

  • Ensure that all parts are intact and not loose or damaged.
  • Make sure the power supply is stable and the wiring is well connected to avoid equipment failure due to circuit problems.
  • Clean the debris and dust inside and outside the PE plastic pellets machine to keep it clean.
  • Test run the auxiliary machine at low speed with the empty vehicle to observe whether the plastic dana making machine automatic is running normally or not.
  • Prepare the plastic materials to be processed to ensure their quality and stability.
plastic scrap granulator

PE plastic pellets machine operation steps

  1. Preheat the unit for about forty minutes or more before turning it on. This process can ensure that the plastic dana making machine automatic in the formal works to achieve a stable state.
  2. As the temperature rises, you can pull the motor triangle belt freely by hand. Make sure the motor is running normally.
  3. After continuous pulling, continue heating for about 10 minutes. Then start the PE plastic pellets machine.
  4. When the biodegradable plastic granules making machine is working normally, it is necessary to avoid the temperature being suddenly high and low.
  5. When the temperature of the engine part is kept below 200℃, make sure that the feeding material is even. And add enough raw materials. Also, the area around the exhaust port needs to be kept clear.
  6. When stopping the machine, the host plastic dana making machine automatic should completely cut off the power supply.