plastic granulating line

Good news! A set of plastic granulating lines is about to be shipped to Côte d’Ivoire. This is Shuliy’s second delivery of plastic pelletizing equipment to Côte d’Ivoire. For more information about this project, please read on.

Customer Background

The customer has a lot of experience with the plastic pelletizing production line as he has purchased plastic pelletizing equipment from India before. It is very familiar with the performance and operation of the PVC pelletizing extrusion lines. This made their needs and purchase target for the new batch of machines very clear. They reminded us of some of the problems to be avoided. This provides an important reference for the smooth operation of the plastic pelletizing production line. This exchange of information in cooperation makes the whole project move forward more efficiently.

Plastic granulating line plant inspection

After seeing the photos and videos sent to him by our sales manager, the customer was confident in the quality of plastic granulating lines. He decided to come to China to inspect our factory in person. During the on-site visit, they spoke highly of our quality control system and were impressed by our factory. After the factory visit, he decided to cooperate with Shuliy.

Chats with Ivorian clients
Appointments with Ivorian clients for factory visits

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Shuliy’s plastic granulating line has been winning the trust of customers all over the world for its efficient and reliable performance. Whether you are in the early stage of business or looking for a new generation, shuliy’s PVC pelletizing extrusion line will be your first choice. Let’s work together to help the plastic recycling business!