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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and quality of life, the production of various types of plastic scrap is also increasing. Such as everyday pots, cups, shopping bags, tables and chairs, electrical shells, beverage bottles, and so on. According to statistics, the proportion of plastic in the existing municipal solid waste has reached 15% -20%. Most of them are one-time use of various types of plastic packaging products. There are thousands of plastic products, each with its own composition and characteristics. So how to deal with this plastic waste? Now let’s explore.

Several ways to recycle plastic scrap

According to the statistics of the world, the main ways of plastic waste disposal are chemical material recycling, mechanical and physical recycling, combustion energy recycling, physical landfill, and composite modification.

Chemical material recycling

The chemical raw material recycling method is to make plastic scrap decompose into small molecules or oligomers and use them as new chemical raw materials by means of heat cracking, catalytic cracking, or biological enzyme decomposition by isolating the scrap of plastic from the air. For example, a mixture of PE, PP, and PS can be thermally cracked in a fixed bed. Alkane gases are mainly obtained after separation. In addition, plastic scrap can also be directly catalyzed and cracked into fuel oil.

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Mechanical Physical recycling

The physical recycling method is to recycle scraps of plastic after crushing, cleaning, screening and sorting, granulation, and other processes for re-processing and utilization. The plastic granules made can be used directly as raw materials or used in conjunction with new materials. The physical recycling method is the main harmless industrial treatment method at present, and it is also one of the most friendly plastic scrap recycling methods for the environment.

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Combustion energy recycling

The combustion energy recovery method is to convert the heat of waste plastics into electricity through combustion. This method is now commonly used. It is also a very environmentally friendly method of plastic scrap recycling if the combustion of off-gas is disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

Physical landfill

The physical landfill method involves filling waste plastics directly into natural landfills below the surface. This method is currently very unscientific. Plastic products are lightweight and non-perishable, leading to a soft foundation in the landfill. It is very easy to cause secondary pollution to the environment

Composite Modified

The composite modification utilization method is to use waste plastics for road paving, as building materials, etc., after composite modification with asphalt or building materials through physical methods.

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