plastic granulator machine

Plastic film granulator has some tips for use. In the process of plastic granulation, the skills should be honed and groped according to the performance characteristics of different models and personal practical experience. Through accumulating experience, correcting problems in time, and gradually mastering the operation skills of pelletizing machines for plastic recycling.

Listen to the sound of plastic film granulators

First of all, in order to be skilled in plastic film granulator operation skills you have to learn to listen to the sound. In different circumstances, the sounds made by the polystyrene granulator machine are very different. This requires us to constantly explore in practice. Feed speed and temperature changes will affect the sound changes. So do your best to keep the plastic film granulator in the sound state when it is running optimally.

plastic film granulator

Learn to observe the material

Secondly, learning to read the material is also quite important in the process of mastering plastic pelletizing skills. Learning to look at the material can quickly recognize the plastic film granulator temperature control is appropriate. This is also the first key to finding the pelletizing machine for plastic recycling problems. From the die head discharge for raw material, the temperature is too low and must be warmed up. If there is scorched material coming out of the die head, the temperature is too high and must be cooled down.

waste plastic granulator machines

Observing plastic pellets

Finally, carefully observe the appearance of the granule gloss and compactness. If the particles are loose, the appearance of the luster is not because of the pelleting temperature and cooling water temperature control is not appropriate, poor plasticization.

plastic pelletizing line

As long as we can master the above three points I believe we will be able to master the plastic film granulator skills and reduce the production of unnecessary waste and trouble!