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Temperature control of PVC granulating machines is a vital link. It directly affects the melting and molding of the plastic material during the granulation process. Here are some suggestions for temperature control of plastic granules extruder machines.

Uniform temperature distribution

When setting the temperature of the PE plastic pellets machine, you need to make sure that the temperature in each heating zone is evenly distributed. This will avoid causing uneven melting of the plastic, which in turn affects the quality of the plastic pellets.

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Real-time monitoring and adjustment

In the plastic pelletizing process, the temperature of each heating zone of the PVC granulating machine should be monitored in real time by the temperature control system. And adjust as needed to maintain a stable heating state.

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Reasonable setting PVC granulating machine temperature

First of all, according to the specific type of plastic material being processed, set the appropriate temperature of the heating zone of the plastic granules extruder machine. Different types of plastic materials will have different requirements for melting temperature. The temperature of the PE plastic pellets machine needs to be reasonably adjusted according to the material characteristics.

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