plastic bottle shredder

Plastic container shredder is suitable for crushing plastic bottles, woven bags, raffia bags, appliance shells, plastic buckets, and other waste plastics. When you decide to crush plastic waste etc. into small pieces, you may need to spend a certain amount of money on a small plastic crusher machine. So how can you make sure you’re not spending your money in vain? How can you make sure that the small plastic crusher machine you buy is the one that meets your needs?

Determine your plastic container shredder needs

To choose a suitable plastic container shredder, you can first clarify the following two questions. These two factors will determine whether your investment is in the right place.

  1. What raw materials need to be crushed? Is the raw material soft or hard?
  2. What is the requirement of raw material crushing size?
plastic container shredder

soft plastic & Rigid plastic

Due to the softness of soft plastics, their crushing size can be relatively large. Soft plastics melt and flow easily. Therefore, even if the crushed particles are large, it will not affect the pelletizing. Hard plastics are relatively brittle and hard during the crushing process. Therefore a smaller crushing size is required. Smaller particles are more conducive to subsequent processing and utilization.

plastic container shredder buying tips

Choosing the right heavy duty plastic shredder machine is important for plastic recycling. Here are some tips for buying a plastic container shredder.

  • Know the type of plastic: Different types of plastic have different characteristics when crushed. Start by clarifying what your raw material is made of.
  • Determine crushing size requirements: Define the final pellet size you need. Different models of heavy duty plastic shredder machines have different crushing capacities and discharge size ranges.
  • Consider production capacity: Select a small plastic crusher machine with the appropriate capacity based on your raw material inventory. Ensure that the heavy duty plastic shredder machine you choose is adequate for your daily production requirements.