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Normal values for recycle plastic granules making machine temperatures vary for different materials and requirements and are usually between 160-230°C.

Importance of recycle plastic granules making machine Temperature

Plastic recycling pelletizing machine is one of the most commonly used equipment in plastic processing. It is capable of heating, plasticizing, and extruding plastic materials into different shapes. And the temperature is one of the very important factors in this molding process. Plastic granules manufacturing machine temperature is too high or too low and is not conducive to plasticizing and molding, so it is very critical to master the temperature.

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What factors affect pelletizing temperature?

Temperature is not only limited by the recycle plastic granules making machine itself, but also by the nature of the plastic itself, production efficiency, and other factors.

  1. The nature of the plastic itself. The type of plastic, composition, material state, etc. will affect the processing temperature is different.
  2. Production efficiency. Efficient production requires higher temperatures to maintain production speed.
  3. Type of equipment. Different types of plastic recycling pelletizing machines have different temperature ranges.
granules extruder machine
granules extruder machine

Normal range of granulation temperature

In the vast majority of cases, the temperature of the plastic granules manufacturing machine will be between 160-230°C. The exact value will depend on the specific material and production conditions. For some special materials, the processing temperature can be higher.

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