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Shredder plastic machine bearings if often high temperature, meaning that their operating status may not be normal. The cause of high temperature may be the bearing itself, may also be caused by external reasons. The following is for you to analyze the common causes of high-temperature commercial plastic shredder machine bearings.

Bearing high-temperature reasons

  1. Bottle crushing machine bearing internal lubricant is too little, dirty oil, poor lubrication, or because of the wear and tear of spare parts
  2. Excessive load and overload may make the bearing produce too much friction and heat
  3. Rotating too fast may also cause high temperatures.
  4. Environmental factors, such as some of the shredder plastic machines placed in a poor environment will also affect the normal operation of the equipment.
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Effect of high temperatures on shredder plastic machine

When the bearing is high temperature, the working efficiency of the bottle crushing machine will decrease, and the service life of the bearing will even be shortened. It may also lead to problems such as crusher bearing rusting, burning or damage, and in serious cases, it may also cause production safety accidents.

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How to solve problem of high temperatures?

  1. Choose the right lubricant, ensure the quality of the oil, and replace it in time
  2. Replace the shredder plastic machine bearings or other damaged parts
  3. Reasonable control of the load, to prevent overloading of the commercial plastic shredder machine
  4. Change the rotation speed
  5. Increase the working temperature of the bottle crushing machine
  6. For bearings that have been in a high-temperature state for a long time, they need to be redesigned and reinforced.
  7. Timely cleaning, cleaning shredder plastic machine, keeping equipment clean
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