foam recycling EPS compactor

Foam recycling EPS compactors extrude foam materials under high pressure, resulting in improved physical properties and appearance quality. The EPS styrofoam recycling compactor needs to be inspected accordingly before use. Maintenance is the key to ensuring the normal operation of the best styrofoam compactor and product quality.

Foam recycling EPS compactors inspection before use

  1. Check whether the power supply and wiring are normal;
  2. Check whether the transmission part is lubricated and flexible;
  3. Check whether the air circuit system is normal;
  4. Check if the die and extrusion head are clean;
  5. Check whether the cooling system is normal.
foam recycling EPS compactor

Best styrofoam compactor operation method

  1. Determine the cold pressing time and pressure, and place the foam material at the extrusion head;
  2. Turn on the power supply and adjust the pressure to a suitable pressure to start the operation;
  3. During operation, check the pressure gauge of the foam recycling EPS compactors frequently to ensure the pressure is constant;
  4. After the operation is completed, turn off the power, and clean up the workplace and EPS styrofoam recycling compactor to ensure safety and environmental hygiene.
best styrofoam compactor

Upkeep and maintenance

  1. Clean the die and extrusion head of the foam recycling EPS compactors regularly to ensure smooth flow of foam material;
  2. Regularly checking the transmission part of the EPS styrofoam recycling compactor to ensure lubrication and flexibility;
  3. Regularly check the best styrofoam compactor air circuit system and pressure gauge to ensure normal;
EPS styrofoam compactors