recycled plastic granulation machine

Recycled plastic granulation machines should be installed on a level surface as far as possible. This blog describes the issues that need to be taken care of during the installation of two-stage waste plastic recycling granulator machines.

Choosing right mounting location

First of all, try to choose a flat and solid ground to ensure the stability of the recycled plastic granulation machine. If the ground chosen is not flat enough, it will cause the plastic recycling granulator machine extruder to shake or rock, which will have some impact on the operation of the machine. Therefore, users are advised to check the ground carefully before installation.

recycle plastic granulating machine

Detecting levelness

During the installation process, you need to use a level to check to ensure the level of the two-stage waste plastic recycling granulator machine. If unevenness is found, it should be adjusted before installation.

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Stationary recycled plastic granulation machine

After the installation is complete, the machine also needs to be secured. Generally, the recycled plastic granulation machine can be bolted to the ground. If the ground is soft, you can also add some hard materials such as heaps of stones underneath the plastic recycling granulator machine extruder to increase the stability of the machine.

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