shredder machine for plastic

Shredder machine for plastic discharge ports should take into account the particle size, discharge speed, discharge angle, and other factors. Choose the right discharge to facilitate the discharge.

Influence of particle size on outlet design

The design of the outlet of a shredder machine for plastic needs to take into account the size of the plastic pellets being processed. Smaller particles are prone to clogging and jamming, and certain strategies need to be adopted to avoid this situation.

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A common solution is to install a motor speed slowdown near the discharge opening. This slows down the plastic pellets by slowing them down, avoiding the excessive impact that makes discharging difficult.

Discharge speed of shredder machine for plastic

The discharging speed of the crusher machine for plastic crushing determines the design scheme of its discharge port. If the discharging speed is too fast, you need to consider how to reduce the speed to avoid material splashing and clogging.

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A feasible solution is to use pneumatic valves to control the amount and speed of discharge so that the discharge is smoother and more controllable.

Discharge angle of plastic crusher

The angle of the shredder machine for plastic outlets is also one of the factors to consider. According to different discharging methods can be adjusted to the discharging angle, to adapt to different granule discharging needs.

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A more practical way of discharging the crusher machine for plastic crushing is to use the rotary outlet. By adjusting the angle of rotation to control the direction and angle of the spout, to realize fast and accurate discharging.