plastic granules recycling machine

In the use of plastic granules recycling machine, sometimes there will be the problem of feeding mouth return material back to the gas. This situation will affect production efficiency and product quality and needs to be solved in time.

Reasons for feed inlet return

There may be several reasons for the return of material and air from the feed port of the plastic granules recycling machine:

  1. Feeding speed is too fast, resulting in excessive material pressure inside the plastic waste recycling pelletizing machine bin.
  2. Plastic recycling pelletizing machine bin material flow is blocked, further increasing the internal material pressure.
  3. The plastic granules recycling machine inlet location selection is not appropriate, as well as the material in the bin filling height is too high.
  4. Plastic waste recycling pelletizing machine rotor speed is too slow or too fast, affecting the flow of materials inside the rotor.

Solution for feed inlet return

For the problem of returning material and gas to the feeding port of the plastic granules recycling machine, we can take the following solutions:

  1. Adjust the position of the plastic recycling pelletizing machine inlet and control the filling height and material flow rate.
  2. Check the quality and size of the material to ensure that the quality of the material meets the standard.
  3. Check whether the rotating speed of the rotor of the plastic waste recycling pelletizing machine is suitable and adjust it according to the type and state of the material.
  4. Clean and maintain the rotor, screen mesh, and rotating blades of the plastic granules recycling machine in time to avoid blockage and accumulation of materials.