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Plastic recycling washing machines enhance the quality and reuse of plastics by removing pollutants and rejecting foreign materials. Plastic waste washing machine also makes positive contributions to environmental protection and resource-saving. On the road of plastic recycling, a plastic recycling washing machine is an indispensable right-hand man.

Removal of contaminants

Plastic wastes are often adhered with all kinds of dirt, grease, and impurities, which directly affect the subsequent pelletizing effect. Plastic waste washing machines can efficiently remove these pollutants through a unique cleaning process, thus improving the quality of raw materials for pelletizing. The cleaned plastic is more competitive in the market and provides a solid foundation for manufacturing high-quality recycled plastic pellets.

plastic recycling washing machine
plastic recycling washing machine

Rejecting foreign objects

Recycled waste plastics are often mixed with a variety of foreign objects, such as stones, metal, wood pieces, etc. These foreign materials will cause damage to the subsequent recycling equipment and even cause malfunction. Plastic recycling washing machines through screening, floating, and other technologies, can effectively remove this foreign matter, and improve production efficiency.

plastic waste washing machine

Economize on resources

Plastic recycling washing machine maximizes the retention of the utilizable value of plastic raw materials and reduces the waste of resources through efficient cleaning and treatment processes. At the same time, recycled plastics cleaned by the washing machine for plastic scrap can reduce the demand for virgin plastics.

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