PET bottle label remover

Do you know how to remove labels from plastic bottles quickly? PET bottle label remover can help you realize it. The plastic bottle label removing machine specializes in separating the trademark wrappers of various plastic bottles. It is the ideal recycling equipment for plastic bottles before crushing and further cleaning process.

How are labels removed by PET bottle label remover?

After the plastic bottles are put into the hopper, the alloy steel blade particles on the PET bottle label remover draw an opening for the trademark on the bottles. When the blades are welded on the main shaft (with a certain angle to the main shaft centerline) and the helix rotates, the bottles are conveyed to the discharge end. Toothed knives on the blades strip the labels. After the sticker remover machine peels off the trademark paper, the bottles and labels are automatically separated by wind energy.

Usage of plastic bottle label removing machine

  1. Separating PET bottles from label stock.
  2. Pre-shredding work in PET recycling lines.
  3. To ultimately reduce the PVC content of PET net flakes.

A good PET bottle label remover should have durability, good results, a high separation rate, low loss, and so on.

Features of PET bottle label remover

  • Adopt imported alloy steel knife grain, wear-resistant for a long time.
  • The claw knife is fixed with new type screws, so the knife grain will not fall off, and it is more convenient to change the knife.
  • The groove steel and knife holder has a long wear-resisting time and can be replaced.
  • According to the size of beverage bottles, the knife and the size of the friction gap of the plastic bottle label removing machine can be adjusted by yourself, to achieve a good labeling effect.