China plastic pellets machine

China plastic pellets machine consists of screw, barrel, transmission system electrical control cabinet, and other components. The structure of the China plastic pelletizer machine is designed with precision, and the various components work closely together to complete the task of plastic regeneration.

China plastic pellets machine screw

The screw of a China plastic pelletizing machine is its core component and is directly involved in the process of processing plastics. Through a rotating action, the screw prompts the plastic to move, agitate and compress within the China plastic pelletizing machine. It achieves the compression melting and plasticization of the waste plastic.

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China plastic pelletizer machine barrel

The function of the barrel of a China plastic pellets machine is to hold the screw and the plastic. The outer surface of the barrel is fitted with an electric heater to ensure that the plastic reaches the desired state of plasticization. The surface of the barrel is equipped with several temperature measuring points ranging from 0 to 400 degrees Celsius. The temperature can be adjusted by an automatic thermostatic control system to meet the requirements of the production process.

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China plastic pellets machine drive system

The transmission system of China plastic pellets machine directly affects the rotational movement of the screw in the screw barrel. Usually, the transmission system of China plastic pelletizing machine adopts a pulley reducer combined with automatic centering floating coupling. This design improves the stability and reliability of the China plastic pelletizing machine.

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Electrical control section

The electrical control part of the China plastic pellets machine adopts a temperature controller to automatically control and display the temperature of each area. This real-time feedback enables the operator to detect and correct temperature abnormalities in time. This guarantees the smooth operation of the entire China plastic pelletizer machine.