plastic scrap granulator machine

Plastic scrap granulator machine is a machine that recycles waste plastics to make plastic pellets. In the process of pelletizing, sometimes there will be a situation of hollow plastic pellets. Hollow plastic pellets may have some effects on the properties and uses of plastic materials. Today we analyze the reasons for hollow pellets.

Plastic scrap granulator machine exhaust bad

Due to the plastic scrap granulator machine natural exhaust or vacuum exhaust is not smooth (maybe the material itself water vapor is too heavy, maybe the vacuum blockage or vacuum is too small or leakage, etc.), resulting in the existence of gas in the particles, the formation of hollow.

Poor plasticization

  • The plastic scrap granulator machine processing temperature is low, the material is not fully plasticized. This may result in hollow particles or broken strips.
  • Increased gap between the screw and barrel or weak screw shear causes poor plasticization, and the formation of hollow.
  • The cooling water temperature is too low. Material shrinkage in water, resulting in shrinkage holes. In general, crystalline plastics (such as PP, PA, PBT, etc.) should use low water temperatures. Non-crystalline plastics (such as ABS, PC / ABS, HIPS, etc.) using high water temperature.