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PE film granulator screens play a vital role in production. By understanding the role of the screen, the frequency of replacement, and other issues, you can better maintain the fully automatic plastic granules machine. It can also ensure that the quality of the plastic pellets produced meets the standard.

Role of PE film granulator screen

In the granulating machine plastic recycling, the screen effectively separates the impurities in the plastic granules through its microporous structure, ensuring the quality of the granules produced is pure. In addition, the screen prevents foreign matter and impurities from entering the PE film granulator. The screen can effectively prevent the granulating machine plastic recycling from clogging and reduce the incidence of production failure.

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Frequency of filter replacement

The frequency of replacing the fully automatic plastic granules machine screen is determined by the cleanliness of the material. If the material is dirty, it needs to be replaced more frequently. If the material is relatively clean, it can be replaced once a week or so.

Can I reuse the filter?

PE film granulator screens are reusable. Simply burn the replaced net with fire to remove the impurities left on it, clean it up, and use it again.

At 58 seconds into the video, the worker is setting fire to the filter.