mini plastic shredder

The emergence of mini plastic shredders provides new ideas to solve plastic pollution. Plastic crushing plant is a kind of enterprise for recycling and crushing plastic products. So how much does it cost to start a waste plastic shredder machine plant using a plastic crusher?

Construction cost

The first thing we need to consider is the construction cost. The construction of a mini plastic shredder plant requires the purchase of land, the construction of a plant, the purchase of equipment, the hiring of workers, and so on. If you have a suitable house or an industrial park, the cost will be reduced partly.

mini plastic shredder plant

Operating cost

Secondly, we need to consider the operating costs. Operating costs include water, electricity, labor, equipment maintenance, and other costs. According to the calculation of the operating cost of a mini plastic shredder plant in China, the average monthly cost is between 20,000 and 30,000 RMB. Specific operating costs are determined by the size of the business and the number of workers.

mini plastic shredder

Mini plastic shredder plant profits

The revenue source of plastic shredder machine small mainly includes the crushing of plastic and recycling sales. Plastics are crushed and supplied to manufacturers as raw materials, and there is a large market for recycling sales. The level of revenue will be directly affected by a number of factors, including the capacity of the plastic shredder machine small plant, market demand, and changes in the materials recycling industry. In general, moderate market research and reasonable sales strategies are key to ensuring profitability.

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