strand pelletizer

Many manufacturers have some misunderstandings when using strand pelletizers. This blog is dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance on the maintenance and safe operation of plastic pelletizing machines. We hope it will be helpful to you.

Strand pelletizer motor

The current of the main motor of the plastic dana machine should be kept stable and strictly controlled within the rated current. If there is excessive fluctuation or sharp rise, it should be adjusted in time by controlling the flow rate of the material to be discharged and so on. If necessary, stop the machine for inspection.

strand pelletizer

Plastic dana machine parts inspection

During operation, the gearbox, body, and other rotating parts should be checked regularly for abnormal noises. If these noises occur in the body, it may be that the material is mixed with hard substances. If they occur in the rotating parts, the bearings may be damaged or poorly lubricated. If it occurs in the gearbox, it may be gear wear or poor meshing. In short, no matter what part of the noise occurs, stop the plastic pelletizing machine to check and repair.

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Observation of strand pelletizer operation

The operation should be recorded during the operation of the strand pelletizer. Before handling the raw material, it is necessary to ensure that the raw material is clean and free from moisture or other debris such as plastic, waste paper, wood chips, sand and mud, and metal. Prevent metal from entering the strand pelletizer. When placing the raw material, keep the material evenly discharged to maintain the main motor current smoothly.

If there is a situation of slow discharging, broken strips, or gum paste coming out of the exhaust port, etc., stop the plastic pelletizing machine or open the template to clean it up in time.

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Attention to operation safety and protection

Do not stand on the front of the die head and keep your eyes away from the exhaust port during the start-up of the strand pelletizer. If necessary, use a tube to divert the gas and observe from the side to prevent the gas or gel paste from burning your eyes.

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