plastic shredder machine

This blog describes the common types of faults in plastic shredder machines and the corresponding treatment methods. Operators need to learn to analyze and deal with these failures to ensure the normal operation of the plastic waste shredder machine.

Plastic shredder machine clogging

In the feeding process, always pay attention to the ammeter needle deflection angle. If more than the rated current indicates that the motor is overloaded, overload for a long time will burn the plastic waste shredder machine. This situation should immediately reduce or close the material door, you can also change the way of feeding.

plastic scrap crusher machine
plastic scrap crusher machine

Poor material flow

Poor or clogged discharge pipes or too fast feeding will lead to plastic shredder machine wind blockage. Mismatch with the conveying equipment will also cause the wind to weaken or block. You should first clear the feeding port and adjust the feeding amount to make the equipment operate normally.

Hard debris in the crushing chamber

Hard debris in the crushing chamber of the plastic shredder machine will cause the rotor of the plastic waste shredder machine to be unbalanced, causing vibration. Regular inspection, for serious wear and tear of the blade, should be replaced symmetrically.

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