pelletizing recycling machine

Shuliy pelletizing recycling machine in terms of energy saving is mainly realized through the frequency converter in the power part and the electromagnetic heater in the heating part. These energy-saving measures of the plastic extrusion granulation machine effectively reduce energy consumption.

Power section

The power part of the pelletizing recycling machine mainly adopts a frequency converter. The energy-saving effect is realized by changing the power output of the motor.

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For example, when only 30Hz power output is required in actual production, and the rated power of the motor is 50Hz, the use of frequency converters can regulate the speed of the motor and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

This approach can effectively reduce the residual energy consumption of the motor and improve the efficiency of energy utilization.

recycled plastic pellet machine

Heating section

Shuliy pelletizing recycling machine uses an electromagnetic heater for energy saving. Compared with traditional resistance heating, electromagnetic heater has a higher energy saving rate, about 30%-70% of the old resistance ring.

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Electromagnetic heaters act directly on the barrel of the plastic extrusion granulation machine, reducing the energy loss in the heat transfer process. In addition, the electromagnetic heater heats up quickly, more than a quarter faster than the resistance heater, thus reducing the heating time and improving productivity.

By using electromagnetic heaters, pelletizing recycling machines can keep the motor in a saturated state, reducing the power loss caused by high power and low demand.