plastic recycling granulator

The composition structure of a plastic recycling granulator includes feeding systems, extruders, screen replacement devices, etc. These components cooperate in the whole production process and finally realize the plastic recycling processing, granulation, cutting, and other processes.

Feeding system

The feeding system is one of the important components of the plastic recycling granulator. It is mainly composed of a feeder, screw conveyor, and extruder. Its role is to feed the raw materials into the extruder, where they are heated, plasticized, and then extruded into shape.

plastic recycling granulator

Extruded machine

The extruder of the waste plastic granulator machine is the core component of the whole machine. It consists of a pair of rotating screws and a preheated barrel that can heat, plasticize and smoothly extrude the plastic to form the desired granular material. The extruder is the signature component of a low-speed plastic granulator. There are two main types of single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders in the market today.

granules extruder machine

Filter replacement unit

The screen can effectively prevent impurities from entering the plastic recycling granulator. Generally speaking, the screen changer is installed according to the production capacity of the waste plastic granulator machine.

recycled plastic pellets machine