plastic pipe shredder

Plastic shredder crusher machines in the process of dealing with different types of plastic in the process of the discharge size standards are not the same. For different material discharge standards can be adjusted through the screen aperture size of the discharge size. So in the selection of screen mesh need to meet what standards?

Sieve processing technology

The screen processing technology of plastic shredder crusher machines can be divided into three kinds punching, cutting, and weaving. For different aperture sizes, the applicability of the three processes is different. For apertures smaller than 0.5mm, woven mesh is the best choice. For larger apertures, cutting is the dominant process. Regular aperture is completed by punching process, which ensures the quality and precision of the screen mesh.

plastic shredder crusher machine

Material of the screen

Stainless steel and carbon steel are two common plastic pipe shredder machine options when it comes to choosing the type of material. They are characterized by high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy processing, which provide a reliable guarantee for the performance and service life of the screen mesh.

plastic shredder crusher machine

Selection of screen aperture

In the plastic shredder crusher machine screen aperture selection should be given full consideration to the use of the materials recycling process. According to different uses choose the appropriate size of the aperture to get a reasonable size of the discharge material. Secondly, the type of plastic should be considered. Soft plastics are suitable for larger aperture screens. The hard plastic is suitable for smaller aperture screens.