plastic resin pellets

Plastic resin pellets made from recycled waste plastic have many uses. The market for LDPE granules is vast. The number of people engaged in plastic recycling granulation is also increasing. Do you know what LDPE granules can be made into? Read on.

Plastic resin pellets packaging industry

Plastic resin pellets are widely used in the packaging industry such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, and so on. These plastic poly pellets are impermeable and durable, which protects the packaging from external contamination and wear and tear.

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Packaging plastic film

Home appliances

LDPE granules can also be made into a wide variety of electronic parts for home appliances, such as TV housings, remote control housings, and computer keyboards. Through the use of different colors and textures, people can inject different styles of creativity into these electronic products.

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Building industry

Several components in decorative building supplies are also made from LDPE granules, such as isolation mats, inserts for floor joints, and decorative fittings for ceilings and wall panels. Components made from these granules have better toughness and stability than conventional materials.

Automobile manufacturing

Plastic pellets are also used in a wide range of applications in the automobile manufacturing industry. For example, the interior, dashboard, canopy, door panels, catches, wheel covers and other parts of a vehicle can be made from plastic poly pellets.

plastic resin pellets

Medical health

Plastic resin pellets are also widely used in the healthcare industry for products such as gloves, medical tubing, gaskets, and syringes. These products need to meet certain hygiene standards when they are manufactured, and plastic pellets can provide the necessary support.