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In the operation of plastic film crusher, material tangled knife is a common but preventable problem. In this article, we will introduce in detail how to effectively prevent the film shredder machine from material tangled knife phenomenon through some simple maintenance steps.

Material moisture control

When the plastic film crusher shreds, the moisture of the plastic should not be too high. Otherwise, the material is easy to stick to the plastic bag shredder machine blade.

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Reasonable adjustment of blade distance

The distance between the plastic bag shredder machine blades should be reasonably adjusted according to the type and hardness of the crushed material. It should avoid material wrapping around the knife due to improper spacing.

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Setting the right speed

The rotational speed of a plastic film crusher is directly related to how well the material is processed. Appropriate rotational speed helps to prevent the material from passing through the knives too quickly and causing the knives to become entangled. Therefore, we have to set the rotational speed of the plastic film crusher reasonably according to the nature of the plastic and the required particle size.

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Regular plastic film crusher cleaning

Regular shutdowns to clean the inside of your film shredder machine are key to preventing material from wrapping around the knives. Clean up material residue around the blades to prevent them from tangling in the operation of the plastic bag shredder machine.