pelletizing extruder machine

Pelletizing extruder machine has an important position in the plastic processing and recycling industry. Its main function is to melt and extrude waste plastics into plastic pellets through mechanical processing.

Plastic granulation steps


Firstly, the plastic raw material is put into the inlet of the plastic reprocessing dana machine and fed into the inside of the machine by the feeding wheel.


Inside the pelletizing extruder machine, the plastic raw material is subjected to high-temperature melting action And a homogeneous melt is formed while stirring and rotating.


When the melt reaches a certain fluidity, it will flow out of the outlet of the plastic reprocessing dana machine.


The melt is then cooled by the cooling water and forms a solid mass in the cooling water.

pelletizing extruder machine

Composition of pelletizing extruder machine

The plastic pelletizing machine is mainly composed of three major parts: mechanical parts, electrical equipment, and control system. We have introduced the plastic granulator parts in detail in this blog: Structure Of China Plastic Pellets Machine, welcome to click and check.

plastic scrap granulator

Pelletizing extruder machine for sale

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