plastic drying machine

Plastic drying machine is a commonly used plastic recycling equipment. Its function is to remove the water from the plastic waste so that the plastic can be better reprocessed. The following will introduce the use of plastic film dryer machines and precautions.

How to use plastic drying machine?

  1. Check the lifting dewatering machine: Before using the plastic drying machine, you need to check whether the equipment is in good condition. Check whether the power supply, electric wire, machine switch, transmission device dewatering cylinder, and other parts are functioning normally.
  2. Preparation: Put the plastic waste to be dewatered into the dewatering cylinder according to a certain proportion. Be careful not to exceed the larger capacity of the lifting dewatering machine. At the same time, make sure the feeding is even, avoiding the plastic pile up or unbalanced situation.
  3. Start the plastic drying machine: Turn the power on and press the start button on the plastic film dryer machine. After the plastic drying machine is started, the dewatering cylinder will rotate. The water in the plastic will be thrown off by centrifugal force.
  4. Observe the dewatering effect: During the operation of the plastic film dryer machine, you can observe the dewatering effect through the transparent observation window. When the dewatering of the plastic is completed, the water will be discharged through the drainage port.
  5. Turn off the equipment: When dewatering is completed, press the stop button on the lifting dewatering machine. Disconnect the power supply and wait for the equipment to cool down before cleaning and maintenance.
plastic drying machine
plastic drying machine

Precautions for plastic film dryer machine

  • When using the plastic drying machine, you must pay attention to the correct operation. Do not bring your hands or other objects close to the rotating dewatering cylinder to avoid accidents.
  • When using the lifting dewatering machine, be careful not to exceed the larger capacity of the equipment. Too much material at one time will lead to overloaded operation of the equipment, affecting the life of the plastic film dryer machine and the dehydration effect.
  • The plastic film dryer machine may accumulate some plastic residues or other dirt after a period of use. These will have a certain impact on the normal use of the equipment and the dehydration effect. Therefore, it is very important to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.
  • When using plastic film dryer machines, it is important to pay attention to the adaptability of the environment. The lifting dewatering machine is generally durable and suitable for most industrial environments. However, in wet or corrosive environments, it may be necessary to choose a plastic drying machine made of appropriate materials.