PET bottle crusher

PVC crusher inlet clogging problems often arise from some common mistakes in operation. In this article, we will introduce the common misunderstandings in the use of plastic crusher machines small. Hopefully, it can help you to reduce the PVC crusher inlet clogging problem.

Too fast feeding speed

If the feed rate exceeds the machine’s handling capacity, it will cause plastic to build up in the feed opening. This ultimately results in clogging. To solve this problem, the operator should control the feeding speed. You should avoid feeding too fast, thus ensuring that the plastic crusher machine small can work normally.

plastic bottle crusher

Tool wear or debris entrapment

Serious wear of knives is also one of the common causes of mini plastic shredder machine feed opening blockage. In order to solve this problem, the operator should regularly check the condition of the knives. In addition, it is important to thoroughly clean out the debris in the waste material before feeding. This will ensure that the PVC crusher can run smoothly and avoid the occurrence of feed opening blockage.

PVC crusher

PVC crusher inlet design issues

If there is a problem with the feed opening of the mini plastic shredder machine it will easily lead to the accumulation of plastic at the feed opening. Eventually leads to clogging problems. When encountering this situation, you can consider improving the PVC crusher feed opening. Optimizing the design of the feed opening can effectively reduce the possibility of plastic accumulation here. This reduces the probability of plastic crusher machine small clogging.