hard plastic crusher

The damage of a humid environment to plastic crushers can not be ignored. Therefore, in the daily use of plastic waste crusher machines, we need to do a good job of moisture prevention. Here are the hazards of a humid environment on a plastic crusher, come to learn about it.

Plastic crusher aging

Moist environments are hotbeds for rusting metal products. Although the external surface of the plastic waste crusher machine is usually coated with paint, the metal parts of the machine will face the threat of rusting if the interior is exposed to moisture. Prolonged rusting will lead to weakening of the components and even cause equipment failure, shortening the service life of the plastic shredder machine for recycling.

plastic crusher
plastic shredder machine for recycling

Damage to electrical components

Moisture environment also poses a threat to the electrical components of the plastic crusher. The erosion of moisture can easily lead to problems such as short circuits and reduced insulation. In serious cases, it may even lead to dangerous situations such as fire. Therefore, it is vital to keep the inside of the plastic shredder machine for recycling dry.

plastic crusher
plastic waste crusher machine

Reduced work efficiency

The humid environment will affect the working efficiency of the plastic crusher. In particular, soft films tend to stick to the inside of the machine, increasing the workload of cleaning and maintenance. At the same time, humidity also affects the fluidity of the material and reduces the crushing efficiency, thus affecting the stability of production.