plastic bottle recycling plant

Shuliy PET washing line shipment news came! The PET bottle washing recycling line ordered by Congo customers will be shipped to Congo soon. Up to now, the whole cooperation process has been very pleasant. We are very grateful to our customers for their trust. We will introduce this case in the following paragraphs.

Cooperation process with Congolese customers

The customer wanted to buy a PET washing line and install it in Congo. He searched for the keyword “plastic bottle recycling plant” on Google and found Shuliy, he left a message on our website. Our sales manager contacted him immediately after receiving the inquiry. After several contacts, we confirmed that the customer’s needs were: he wanted to buy a complete set of plastic bottle recycling equipment. During the whole cooperation process, we solved all the problems and provided a one-stop service for our customers. The whole cooperation was very smooth and pleasant.

plastic bottle recycling plants
PET bottle washing recycling line
Label remover machine

Delivery of PET washing line to Congo

Shuliy has installed PET bottle-washing recycling lines in many countries, so we have extensive experience in production, transportation, and installation. We will help our Congolese customers to install their plastic bottle recycling plants online. Don’t worry. We have a professional after-sales team that has guided the installation of all the equipment online many times. All machines are running smoothly. If you want to import a set of PET washing lines to your country, please contact us now!

Plastic bottle recycling plant
PET bottle washing recycling line
PET washing line