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The shredder for plastic recycling is an indispensable piece of equipment in the process of plastic recycling and processing. To ensure the efficient and stable operation of the heavy-duty industrial shredder, proper oiling, and lubrication are the key steps.

Choosing right shredder for plastic recycling lubricant

Choosing the right lubricant is the foundation of plastic crusher maintenance. Different models of plastic crushers may require different types of lubricants. Examples include mineral oil-based lubricants or special crusher oils.

Frequent but moderate refueling

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plastic water bottle crusher generates a lot of friction and heat during operation. Therefore frequent but moderate oiling is essential. After stopping the machine, use special oil or lubricating paper to apply oil evenly along the width of the blades. Avoid over-application so that the oil does not contaminate the plastic being handled.

Periodic inspection of lubrication system

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The lubrication system of the shredder for plastic recycling needs to be checked regularly to ensure that the oil circuit is smooth and the oil pump operates normally. The shredder for plastic recycling needs to replace the oil seals, filter elements, and lubrication lines regularly to prevent contamination and blockage.

Post-run reversal cleanup

After adding oil, set the plastic water bottle crusher to run in reverse mode so that the lubrication is evenly distributed across the blades. This helps prevent excessive oil buildup in certain areas while ensuring that each blade is properly lubricated.