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With the research on PE film pelletizers, people have mastered more and more theories about it. In terms of the plastic recycling granulator machine system, the extrusion system, heating and cooling, driving, and other systems of this plastic recycling granulator machine have been greatly developed. Look at it in detail.

Extrusion systems of PE film pelletizer

The most important component of the extrusion system is the screw. The rotational speed of the screw relates to the shear rate of the material and the extrusion time. Through research, it is found that under the same screw speed, to realize the high output of the granulator for plastic recycling, the melting section of the screw has to be lengthened and the specific diameter ratio has to be large.

PE film pelletizer

Heating system

The heating system of the PE film pelletizer is responsible for heating the raw materials to make them reach a suitable melting state for the subsequent pelletizing process. The heating methods of PE film pelletizers include electric heating, electromagnetic heating, and ceramic instant heating.

industrial pelletizer

Drive system

The drive system of granulators for plastic recycling mainly has two kinds, motor drive and electric motor drive. Motorized drive is one of the higher-speed drives in the industry, with speeds up to 900 r/mim. motorized drive, where the torque motor is directly coupled to the screw, has speeds up to 1200 r/mim.