HDPE pipe shredder

HDPE pipe shredder is an important piece of equipment for waste plastic regeneration processing. Several key components directly affect the crushing effect and overall performance of the plastic milk bottle crusher. This article will focus on three important components of a plastic milk bottle crusher: the screen system, crushing system, and motor.

HDPE pipe shredder Screen

The screen is a vital part of the plastic milk bottle crusher. It is responsible for controlling the size of the crushed plastic particles. Different sizes and apertures of screens produce different-sized pellets. A high-quality screen can improve the working efficiency of plastic milk bottle crushers.

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Plastic milk bottle crusher

Crushing Systems

The crushing system of the bottle and can crusher includes knives, a knife seat, a knife shaft, and so on. A good blade ensures an even and efficient crushing process.

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HDPE pipe shredder Motor

The motor is the power source of the HDPE pipe shredder and plays a key role in the operation of the whole bottle and can crusher. Intelligent motor control systems can provide more flexible operation and more accurate power utilization, which helps to reduce energy consumption.

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