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In order to keep the pelleting machine in good running condition, you need to carry out maintenance and cleaning work on the pelletizing recycling machine screw on time. The following is about pelletizing recycling machine screw maintenance and cleaning.

Chemical cleaning

Specialized screw cleaners are effective in breaking down and removing plastic residues adhering to the screw surface. Make sure to use a cleaner that is compatible with the pelleting machine screw material to avoid damaging the screw surface.

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Hot pelleting machine Screw Cleaning

The use of fire or baking to remove plastic attached to raffia recycling machine screws is a common and effective method used by raffia recycling machine plants. This method softens the attached plastic material by heating the screw, making it easier to clean.

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Screw disassembly cleaning

The screw is removed from the raffia recycling machine and cleaned in detail. This usually requires specialized maintenance personnel to perform the operation. This method allows for a more comprehensive cleaning of the pelleting machine screw.

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