LDPE film recycling line

LDPE film recycling line is used to process waste plastics and turn them into plastic pellets. The LDPE washing plant plays an important role in all areas of waste plastic recycling. The following are some considerations for LDPE washing lines.

LDPE film recycling line before operation

  • LDPE washing line gearbox should be rotated in the set direction, not in reverse.
  • LDPE washing line should not run without heating to avoid the phenomenon of sticking extruder shafts.
  • LDPE film recycling line inlets and vents are strictly prohibited from entering the iron and other things, to avoid accidents and affect the production.
plastic film washing line

LDPE washing line working

  • Watch for changes in machine temperature. If the plastic does not stick to your hands, heat it immediately. Until the plastic sticks to the hands.
  • When the gearbox bearings burn your hands or make noise, they should be repaired and greased.
  • When the bearing parts at both ends of the main machine bearing room are burning or making noise, stop the machine for repair and add grease.
  • Pay attention to the operation rules of the machine, such as the temperature of the machine, and the speed of the speed, which can be dealt with in time according to the situation.
  • When the machine body is not stable, attention should be paid to checking whether the coupling clearance is too small and adjusting it in time.